Heart spelled with memories


Dear Ramon,

Sharing my most precious poem,

Memories like the warmth of winter’s sunshine
soothing the cold skin,so warm, so tender
cuddling like a bare body of a loving soul
Every touch reviving every part of the skin under

Like a new leaf growing from a dead stem
Bringing a new hope deep within
Every nerve challenging the soul’s originality
Saying,Shed the dust and hear the heart breathing

Precious things are hard to find,treasured once found
Like a pearl lost in a big sea, unexpectedly found
Rising as a woman started feeling so sinfully beautiful
Like the rising sun between the snowy mountains, sparkling all around.

Firmness breathes with the inner softness like a gold dust
As a child’s innocent chortle, seizing away all the pain
All the long forgotten tunes re inhibits in the lost soul
Fresh as the delicate fragrance of earth after the first rain.

Memories like the lullaby of infancy
living in the innocent sleep, in a mysterious depth
Sweet tickle reminding every blissful second was once real
Forever resting inside like an untold promise beautifully kept!

Image: Sharing one of my random clicks! Sunshine after Rain #MobilePhotography

32 thoughts on “Heart spelled with memories

  1. Snigda, the last two time’s I’ve tried to go to your site to like your post, I get a page that says oops! This link can’t be found. You might want to see what WP has to say about that. Hugs, N πŸ™‚ ❀

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    • I didn’t like my last post much, so I deleted it. The link still might be visible to the readers.Thank you so much for visiting my site and showing the concern N. I really appreciate it. I hope to come up with better posts worth reading. Have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚


  2. Your poem is very beautiful. I find myself drifting from word to word like a leaf upon the stream that runs through your poem. I like that it has the depth of a poem that you could read repeatedly and get more meaning out of it each time. Excellent.
    Thank you.
    Tony R

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