Lyrical chaos of Togetherness


Dear Ramon,

Our house has a colossal collection of antiques and vintage items and the most interesting part is, none is collected from any antiques shops, but preserved so gloriously that it remained beautiful and soulful as it looked when it was bought. Most of the things are still functioning, like our television which is 28 years old and is still young and sound. The Things that stopped working became the part of my dad’s antiques collection. My favourite from his collection is Gramophone.

Dad is a fan of old classic evergreen Bengali songs. He had an enormous collection of Gramophone discs stowed with all the songs, I yawned listening to. Beneath all the boredom, I secretly enjoyed listening to those songs because my dad used to sing out loud with the flow of the songs remembering the lyrics in parts and that made me happy all the time.

That’s how i was introduced to music. I was 5 when I started learning Classical Music which wasn’t really my music taste however I was too young to realize that. The excitement of learning music notes, playing various musical instruments on my own and singing like the people who made my dad sing along with them, intrigued me to learn it with utter enthusiasm.

My bro on the other hand has been a free spirited soul since forever and never took things as they were. He was the one to break the trend of singing and listening to the songs of my parent’s choice and introduced me to Bollywood movie songs. “Jaan” was the first movie songs cassette he bought. The songs sounded like a piled up garbage but all the bad music was dissolved in the freedom of listening to music of me and my bro’s choice (ideally, my brother’s choice). This is when I started exploring music and developing music taste of my own.

My brother used to bring collection of songs of different genres. Gradually I developed the taste for Pop songs which then turned into rock and eventually I had all the inclination towards Heavy Metal. Soon Metallica, Megadeath, Iron maiden, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin became my newly found Love and a medium of extreme chaos and terror for Mom. I remember the Hide and seek games we played whenever we cracked up loud music at home. My mom used to turn down the volume to level 1 after getting annoyed. As soon as she moved away from music system, we used to go near it turn by turn in short intervals and gradually increased the volume until it reached the same level when we played initially. After every heavy metal screams my mom used to come running again, all terrified, to turn down the volume and we used to keep moving in our own small vicious circle of listening to music and adjusting the volume over and over again.

So many years have passed. Now I stay away from Home, my parents and so does my brother. Our music tastes broadened, changed, and explored various forms, genres and languages. Now we all get to listen to our kind of Music without any interruptions but one thing still remained the same; Re-enactment of the moments of playing hide and seek games while listening to music, when together. We still hate each other’s music taste and criticize them with all our hearts but deep inside we secretly love listening to them with each other as these diverse music makes each other’s presence felt and brings the feeling of togetherness. Before we could realize, Music became our strange medium of bindings where we found our little bundle of joy!

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20 thoughts on “Lyrical chaos of Togetherness

    • We hardly talk about music at home because our tastes are poles apart but in the end the genre of music doesn’t matter unless it’s making us happy in some way. Thanks a ton for your wonderful comment.

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