Sparkle of a Broken Mirror


Dear Ramon,

A mirror sparkles the most when it is broken……

Touch of light, sparkled through the multiple edges
Clarity of reality transfused to numerous delusions
Holding together after reflecting the touch of false dreams
Touch me again and I’ll scatter into multiple pieces of a broken mirror

Thrashed hard, wounding yourself and left me broken
Edges are still smeared with last drop of cold blood
Dripping blood from the wounded parts, frozen on me
Preserving your last touch among the broken scars

Pain will be healed, dwindling to a scar
A scar witnessing the tale of broken dreams
I’ll still illuminate through the million edges
Lights singing the lullaby of a broken mirror.


Heart spelled with memories


Dear Ramon,

Sharing my most precious poem,

Memories like the warmth of winter’s sunshine
soothing the cold skin,so warm, so tender
cuddling like a bare body of a loving soul
Every touch reviving every part of the skin under

Like a new leaf growing from a dead stem
Bringing a new hope deep within
Every nerve challenging the soul’s originality
Saying,Shed the dust and hear the heart breathing

Precious things are hard to find,treasured once found
Like a pearl lost in a big sea, unexpectedly found
Rising as a woman started feeling so sinfully beautiful
Like the rising sun between the snowy mountains, sparkling all around.

Firmness breathes with the inner softness like a gold dust
As a child’s innocent chortle, seizing away all the pain
All the long forgotten tunes re inhibits in the lost soul
Fresh as the delicate fragrance of earth after the first rain.

Memories like the lullaby of infancy
living in the innocent sleep, in a mysterious depth
Sweet tickle reminding every blissful second was once real
Forever resting inside like an untold promise beautifully kept!

Image: Sharing one of my random clicks! Sunshine after Rain #MobilePhotography

Tarnish of Trinket toy



Dear Ramon,

It’s weird how things lose it’s existence with time….

Promises moulded into words
Words polished to uncertainties
And uncertainties painted with lies
Made a Toy embellished with life.


Jiggled and wiggled for the sound of entertainment
Swirled around to see it flying and fall down
Every Hit on the hard floor made them playfully scream
On the verge of rupture, it still shone


Time snatched the spirit of sustenance
Outgrown the means of amusement
Sheltering in the long forgotten smutted corners
A toy wounded for happiness, lost its existence.

Blinded in Light


Dear Ramon,

When Realist meets an illusionist….

Light breathe in some life and
Let us meet for the first time
So perfectly close yet so far
And all our thoughts were sublimed

Like a missing piece of puzzle
You filled in all the curves bit by bit
With every sticking bit, i kept feeling complete
Like mirroring my own heart
We spoke those unspoken words
I smiled when you were happy, i cried when you were hurt

Dipped in the sweetness of togetherness
Savoured the untamed madness of love
But the inexorable arrival of sunset
Impounded the day’s shine and
From nowhere to nothing you dissolve

Parting away, time pushed us to the depth of darkness
To the place where no one mirrors my untold action.
Anxious mind wandering in dark, to find you again
While they call me a girl who fell in love with her own reflection.

Reign of dead memories


Dear Ramon,

And my heart speaks again…..

Submerged in Life’s immortal cruelty

Dwelling in darkness, It feels like home

Light will unveil the soul’s frailty

Keep them hidden, before it crushes the broken pieces down.


Flight was easy, never knew how landing was done

When wings were murdered, paralysed mind helplessly just fall

Numbness of outside or treachery to the core

It’s excruciating, but tears deny salving the soul


I still go to the graveyard where i buried my heart

Memories of dead times whisper into my ears

Trying to breathe in the coffin of graveyard

I wish digging them out made them come alive!

The Lost Battle


Dear Ramon,

Made an attempt to write a poem after ages…

Ripping it apart, Pumping venom into the heart

Feeding it darkness, inside a caged breath

Holding on to the wound, suffering in pain

If I release my hand, it will bleed to death.


Repeated strikes brought the wall down

The last fight’s over; battlefield’s no more

Corpses are left unidentified on the ground

Let the Scorching heat burn them into ashes and free their soul.


Sometimes a spike rises and dies, in the uniformity of lifeless beats

A low scream of a voice echoes and fades away deep within

 Emptiness tries to trace the path that ignited the spark

Is this the remaining of past or a cry for a new beginning?