Sparkle of a Broken Mirror


Dear Ramon,

A mirror sparkles the most when it is broken……

Touch of light, sparkled through the multiple edges
Clarity of reality transfused to numerous delusions
Holding together after reflecting the touch of false dreams
Touch me again and I’ll scatter into multiple pieces of a broken mirror

Thrashed hard, wounding yourself and left me broken
Edges are still smeared with last drop of cold blood
Dripping blood from the wounded parts, frozen on me
Preserving your last touch among the broken scars

Pain will be healed, dwindling to a scar
A scar witnessing the tale of broken dreams
I’ll still illuminate through the million edges
Lights singing the lullaby of a broken mirror.


17 thoughts on “Sparkle of a Broken Mirror

  1. Bonjour
    Un rêve , quoi de plus beau
    Le réaliser serait encore plus beau
    Afin que ce rêve devienne réalité
    faut-il le vouloir, y croire, le souhaiter
    Y penser sans cesse

    Cela pour notre plus grand plaisir
    Je sais que quelque part tu es là
    Prés ou loin , qu’importe la distance
    Ton amitié est parmi les plus grandes
    Du bonheurs dans ma vie, un réconfort dans les moments
    de doute et de chagrin
    Toute mon amitié

    Belle fin de semaine et la semaine à venir ,bon week-end



      • That’s French. You can simply highlight and copy the text of the comment, and then paste them into Google Translator

        Then the following translation comes out in English:

        A dream, what is more beautiful
        The carry would be even more beautiful
        To make this dream a reality
        should you want it, believe it, wish it
        Think about it constantly

        This for our delight
        I know you’re here somewhere
        Near or away, no matter the distance
        Your friendship is among the largest
        Of happiness in my life, a comfort in times
        doubt and sorrow
        All my friendship

        Beautiful weekend and the week ahead, good weekend”

        Unfortunately the Google translator translates not work properly. The rest you have to yourself rhyme together.

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