Miracles can be logical


Dear Ramon,

Ever met any person who reckons the cover of a match box, a coin, a calendar, a polythene bag where veggies might have been carried, ‘Divine’ because a God’s photo is imprinted on it? Well, i have been living with such a person since the beginning of my life; my mother. She is a lady who is very strong with her beliefs and confident about what she does irrespective of what others think or say about it but when it comes to any religious talks, feed her anything and she will gulp it.

There was a time when a rumour wafted in few places in India that Lord Ganesha had literally started drinking Milk when people were offering him that. Thousands of people started feeding him litres of milk and made wishes. And you might have guessed it already; my mom was one of those vehement devotees to believe that blindly. We had a small idol of Ganesha, made of clay and my neighbour had an idol that of stone. So, my mom and her other devout friend started feeding milk to the idols with spoon. I wasn’t spared either. She made me feed the idol a spoonful of milk and it worked. I saw the milk dissipating slowly as soon as I put the spoon inside the mouth of idol. I was fascinated to see the miracle and was pleased to know that my offerings had been accepted by God and I would be granted my wish.milk

Maths used to be my biggest fear those days. So, I wished to score good marks in maths exam.  When I wrote the maths papers after few days, unlike always I was smiling while writing the exam instead of fearing, pretty confident that my wish had been granted. Well miracle did happen; I scored full marks in Maths test for the first time. Few days before my next maths exam, I was found standing in front of God again, with a bowl full of milk hoping for a miracle to happen again. I had a plastic Idol of Ganesha.  This time, he rejected my offerings. I was perturbed and doubled my efforts out of fear, to do well in my next exam. The nervousness was back while writing Maths exam this time and I managed to score just the passing marks on that exam. I was upset but thought it was fate and it was already written.

After few months I perceived a simple fact that Clay and Stones can absorb water/ milk and plastic can’t. The secret behind all the offerings, its acceptance and all the miracles found its logical reasoning in my mind. And amidst all these spectacle I assimilated, that day it wasn’t my fate or God who let me score full marks in exam but my strong belief in God made me believe in myself, which was later replaced by fear the next time when the milk was not absorbed by the plastic idol. Success is not driven by miracles. Hard work plays a vital role in success but sometimes that’s not suffice to achieve what we want. It’s not always about the hard works we do or our competence to do something or blaming the fate for our failure. Sometimes believing in our calibre, our hard works and most importantly ourselves is all it takes to let the miracle happen, in a logical way!


photo credits and references: http://www.crystalinks.com/milkmiracle.html




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