Nature’s ostentatious Boundaries


(In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge theme: Boundaries)

Dear Ramon,

Boundary holds ambiguous perceptions. For me boundaries and dividers are nature’s ways of cessation of monotony, like the river dividing the uniformity of mountains. It also sculptures and directs the nature’s indefinite forms, like the mass of earth shaping the amorphous river and directing it to its path to flow. Border is the implication of limits; Omnipresence of an invisible barricade outstretching our ability to reach what our eyes reflects, like admiring nature’s beauty from distance without any existing ways to reach there.

28 thoughts on “Nature’s ostentatious Boundaries

  1. For some those boundaries are a way to keep their lives in check. To maintain a predictable life. For others (me) those boundaries provide excitement for what lies beyond them. To ever seek a way to find the hidden treasure or the untold secret hidden by the boundaries. Still they make great perches for birds in the city. 🙂
    Tony R

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