Blinded in Light


Dear Ramon,

When Realist meets an illusionist….

Light breathe in some life and
Let us meet for the first time
So perfectly close yet so far
And all our thoughts were sublimed

Like a missing piece of puzzle
You filled in all the curves bit by bit
With every sticking bit, i kept feeling complete
Like mirroring my own heart
We spoke those unspoken words
I smiled when you were happy, i cried when you were hurt

Dipped in the sweetness of togetherness
Savoured the untamed madness of love
But the inexorable arrival of sunset
Impounded the day’s shine and
From nowhere to nothing you dissolve

Parting away, time pushed us to the depth of darkness
To the place where no one mirrors my untold action.
Anxious mind wandering in dark, to find you again
While they call me a girl who fell in love with her own reflection.


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