I am a Girl and I bleed pure


Dear Ramon,

A biological process in which a female body sheds the lining of the uterus resulting in bleeding after every 28 days called menstruation. Read it in details in 10th grade science textbook.That’s the time when the girls used to feel embarrassed and the guys used to laugh in the class. That made complete sense to me because being kids any unusual and new thing either scared us or made us laugh.

Years changed, time flew, we all grew up but one thing remained constant; the embarrassment a grown up woman feels about a completely natural biological process. Going to any small medical store where a male shopkeeper is sitting makes a girl uncomfortable from asking for sanitary napkins. Shopkeepers double wrapping the packet to hide it completely from outside but why? Why hide something or feel embarrassed about something that is so natural and happens with every girl, every woman? It is as natural as the growth of beard in men. I have never seen any guy hiding his shaving lotions or razors or shaving kit for that matter.

I find it very revolting that girls are prohibited from entering any holy places while they are menstruating because of misconceptions, taboos and practices which say that girls and women bleed impure blood and hence they are considered impure. As far as I am aware, only veins pump impure blood (de-oxygenated blood). Does that mean all of us are impure because our body is pumping impure blood? Science has evolved so much but it’s sad to see that we still follow the rituals which are so shallow.

Yes, I am a girl and I bleed; so does your mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend and wife. I don’t feel ashamed of saying it neither I find any need to hide it or feel embarrassed about it because it’s not a sin, disease or impurity. It’s a blessing that makes me a woman.


24 thoughts on “I am a Girl and I bleed pure

  1. Well said. Seems people are always feeling so uptight about something. Its like human-beings don’t understand how to just roll with whats perfectly naturally. And then there are those who feel they have to make others feel uncomfortable about themselves, because in truth, they are weak minded and shallow individuals who for whatever reason in their past, failed to comprehend the basic concepts of life. Perhaps, they grow up to be bullies as a result of being bullied themselves, but who really knows? Nevertheless, this was a great post. :o)

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  2. Yes, thinking upgrades, that would be brilliant. Although some people’s hardware might be too hardwired for that. It is a shame, too, that humans’ default position tends to be stuck in the negative and judgemental.. It’s a feature of our residual reptilian brain, which may once have served us well when dodging sabre toothed tigers. But now it causes us to miss out so much on the joys of life, and of taking joy in such matters as a girl menstruating and becoming a woman. A very thought-provoking post, and thank you for ‘the follow’ and all the ‘likes’ on my posts. Have a good day, Snigdha.

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    • So true. We are so busy being judgmental about people that we tend to miss on the little things that give us real happiness. I really liked your posts, specially the pictures you posted on “bees in the sneeze weeds”. Amazing. You too have a wonderful day ahead 🙂

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  3. It’s hard changing misconceptions that has had its root since traditional times. That’s why, it’s up to us to give better values to our younger generations. Traditions are important. But those that make no sense and harm others should be scrapped. Excellent post.

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  4. Ya! You go girl. That’s right. It’s not impure. I’m sooooo glad you’ve noticed that. I’m suspecting you are from a place where religion says it’s impure. I think it’s very important for us to not just accept anything we hear, or read, but to actually go deeper and think on an intellectual level, and natural level. If we think about it, we wouldn’t be able to have children if we didn’t menstruate, right. I have two beautiful kiddies and that was only made possible because I do menstruate. How can something that causes birth and life be impure? Hmmmmm.
    Love this post Snigdha, and thanks for following me.
    Warm wishes.

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  5. Hi Snigdha! I enjoyed your post about bleeding pure. Beautifully and thoughtfully written. You expressed exactly how I feel on the subject. How things that are so natural and should really be viewed as the positive things they are – a healthy woman and her body moving through life’s phases with the ebb and flow of nature. I also wish that people who hold onto outdated beliefs could open their minds more and be more accepting of new-to-them ideas, instead of creating strife and frustration and suffering with their old ideas. As you say, if you can switch to a new smartphone so easily, why not newer ideas? Have a wondrous day! 🙂

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    • These are beliefs which might have seemed right a long time ago because of lack of knowledge. A little enlightenment and the spirit of accepting the truth is all it takes to bring the changes. Only if it was as easy as it is sounding. Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment. You too have a pleasant day ahead.

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  6. Very well said. There’s nothing about the human body that we need to be ashamed of. I think the only truly impure thing about a human being is sometimes the heart. If only we’d care more about people than about a simple, natural, biological process. Thanks so much for sharing. Audrey

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  7. I loved the title of this post and also your narrative. Why dont men hide their shavers and shaving lotions indeed? We should start a campaign to do just that – the men would revolt within seconds!!!!! great photo also …

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