Spirit of Acceptance


Dear Ramon,

Here is my second twisted thought about…well, let’s start with

Camouflage: An art of adaptation to the environment some creatures are blessed with, which makes them suffice for the survival. I still remember the day I saw a chameleon for the first time, pacing on grassland with cautious eyes, aware of my presence and with a blink of an eye it was invisible. I was curious and kept looking for it until I found it crawling up a dry bamboo. On scrutinizing, I noticed it was green in color, with few tints of light brown color on its body. As I kept staring, it completely blended in with the color of the bamboo, making himself invisible. I was amused to see how efficient he was in saving himself from his predators.

I thought, how blessed they are to possess such a power but on second thought, does camouflaging make them powerful? We cannot expect a caterpillar camouflaged within leaves, to fight with a bird and win, or a well camouflaged frog to kill a snake, which tried to eat him up. May be its not always about strength but knowing your capacity, accepting your weaknesses and making yourself suffice for survival.

As I grew up and started getting acquainted with how the world really works, I came across a lot of people with a pool of traits, thoughts, beliefs, attributes and perceptions. People acting diversely under similar circumstances.  A person behaving differently with different people for the same reason. Perceptions about something or someone which are poles apart. A foible which is well concealed from one but unveiled in front of someone else. A sliver of traits for a clique of people and a different for others. People trading themselves for “survival of the fittest”.

What can be more relatable than the privacy settings and customization options we have on Facebook to hide a part of us from somebody and reveal the same to others. Does that mean we are shamming ourselves? I never got an unambiguous answer to that. Some call it being “double faced”, while others call it “fake” and “masquerade”.

May be its not called shamming; May be its not black “or” white that defines us. I would rather call it black “and” white, extremities of shades in us, refracting all the other shades in between, each longing for acceptance. It is a little effort made for acceptance of ourselves with all the weaknesses. May be that’s how we camouflage ourselves, making ourselves suffice for survival.  That’s how we keep our spirit of acceptance alive, and an old adage always resonates in me “Happiness can exist only in acceptance”.


16 thoughts on “Spirit of Acceptance

  1. This camouflaging is sometimes intentional and other times it is a inborn trait. Every living being is bestowed with this characteristic.

    Thanks sharing a wonderful write up.

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  2. Excellent observations. In nature camouflage is usually either survival based or ‘a capture technique’ and it’s used in a similar way amongst humans with the exception being that it facilitates a deception that deceives the deceiver as much as the deceived.

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